Club Rules


2021 Competition & Handicap Rules


  • All competitions at Mersey Valley G&CC (hereafter referred to as the Club), shall be run in accordance with the Rules of Golf as published by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and England Golf. It is the responsibility of each player to familiarise themselves with the R&A Rules of Golf and these Club Competition Rules, together with the Local Rules on the scorecard and those displayed on the Course Rules Notice Board. All matters concerning Club competitions, Inter-club matches and member’s handicaps shall be vested in the Club Committee. (Mersey Valley GC Club Rule 9).



  • To be eligible for entry into any Club competition members must not be in arrears in respect of membership fees due to the Club. The Director’s decision on members standing is final. (Mersey Valley G&CC Club Rule 6). The Director has determined that amateur status staff members in receipt of remuneration and/or membership as part of their employment package may, upon payment of the appropriate entry fee, compete in and win prizes in all Club competitions.


1.2       Competition Income:-                                                                                                                The Club members shall raise money by way of competition entry fees, donations and other sources. 


All monies received shall be used for the benefit of the Club members, such as prize money, purchase of trophies, engraving of perpetual trophies, expenses to recognise and support the Captain (eg a jacket, photo, gift and contributions to the Captain's nominated Charity) and ad hoc committee expenses related to the running of the members' competitions and meetings or any other means as agreed by the Committee in fulfilling their responsibilities.


The Committee will present the proposed structure of the winnings payout for each upcoming year to the Club members at the AGM. Should there be a surplus then the Committee have the authority to use any such surplus, taking into account planned expenditure in the forthcoming twelve months, for items that are considered to improve the enjoyment of the Golfing experience of the members even if it is considered to be the responsibility of the Club and/or visitors and members who do not participate in competitions will also benefit from such items. 


The Club Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping the proper accounts and for all monies received or paid.


A Bank Account shall be maintained in respect of the funds and cheques may be signed by any two Committee members who are signatories authorised by the Committee.


The financial year will run from 1st January to 31st December and at the end of each financial year the current Treasurer will present a set of accounts to the Annual General Meeting.


All monies within the Club members account are for the sole use of the membership as decided by the Committee, the Club itself having no rights or ownership.




1.3     It is the responsibility of players to CONFIRM their allocated start time and to arrive at least five (5) minutes before their allocated tee time to be ready to play when called to the tee. They should ensure they fully understand the most recent Local Rules published on the “Course Rules” board in the clubhouse or in the Pro Shop, before starting the competition.


1.4     R&A Rule 5-3a states “The player must start at (and not before) his or her starting time:

Penalty for breach of Rule 5.3a: Disqualification (except when the period early or late is no more than five minutes in which case the player gets the general penalty (two strokes) applied to the first hole.


1.5     R&A Rule 5-4b states “In stroke play, the player must remain in the group set by the Committee, unless the Committee approves a change either before or after it happens” - Penalty: Penalty for breach of Rule 5-4:  Disqualification”.   Note:  If a player repeatedly changes his/her group then Committee will consider a period of Suspension.


1.6     Competitors in all competitions MUST pay the relevant entry fee BEFORE starting their round and sign the Competition Entry Sheet. (Any five-day member playing in a weekend competition must also pay the relevant green fee unless the Director has granted “Courtesy of the Course”) - Penalty for breach of rule = Disqualification.  Any competition to which Courtesy of the Course applies, will be clearly indicated on the Competition Entry sheet.


HANDICAPPING - Introduction:

All references to Rules relate to the WHS Rules of Handicapping January 2020.


The WHS Rules of Handicapping provides players responsibilities that include;-

  • Every player will endeavour to make the best score he/she can at each hole in every qualifying round played and will report all such rounds for handicap purposes - Rule 1.3(i)
  • Ensure all acceptable scores are submitted in a timely fashion on day they are played,
  • every player will act with integrity  and follow the rules of handicapping and refrain from using

        or circumventing these rules to gain an unfair advantage


When joining a new Club, the player must provide details of all previous club memberships and handicaps held at those clubs and their CDH number  - Rule 1.


Failure to meet these responsibilities may result in a Handicap Review imposing Penalty Scores or even withdrawing or freezing a handicap.  Any player who fails to carry out any of the responsibilities imposed by the WHS is not entitled to a CONGU® Handicap. - Rule 7.1c & Appendix A.


1.7     The Club Handicap Secretary will administer all handicaps in accordance with current WHS Rules of Handicapping requirements. The Handicap Review Committee will consist of the Handicap Secretary, Competition Secretary and Ladies Competition Secretary (although a substitute may be nominated to maintain the quorum, should any of the 3 members be unable to attend a meeting), chaired by the Committee Secretary in accordance with the Club Rules.


Acquiring an Initial Handicap:

1.8    Members seeking to acquire an Initial World Handicap System (WHS) Handicap Index MUST follow WHS Rules of Handicapping requirements (see 1.10 below), and the procedure published in the Flowchart on notice boards and in the Handicap folder. (copy attached to these rules).


1.9 To obtain a handicap a player must submit a required number of nine and/or 18-hole cards played over a Measured Course (i.e. White, Yellow or Red rated course) at his Home Club. Any permutation of nine and 18-hole cards may be submitted but must total a minimum of 54 holes. Cards submitted over nine holes must be returned from a Designated Nine-Hole Course. Each card must be marked and signed by a responsible person acceptable to the Handicap Committee. (See rule 1.5 below)


1.10    Committee has determined that scorecards submitted for consideration of a WHS Handicap   Allocation MUST;-                                                                                                         

     (a) be marked by a member WHS Playing handicap,

     (b) the markers names must be PRINTED with the signature legible,

     (c) only two cards may be marked by the same member and

     (d) one card MUST be marked by a member “Acceptable to the Committee”.            

One of the three scorecards MUST be played under Competition conditions. Members do not pay a competition entry fee whilst acquiring a handicap and cannot win a prize,


Initial Handicaps during Winter:

1.11   During the Winter season, when conditions are such that scores are not acceptable under the WHS Rules of Handicapping, players may enter single format competitions to acquire a Club Handicap.  Once a player has played in three (3) single format competitions and score cards returned that comply with rule 1.6, the Handicap Committee will determine their eligibility to enter competitions and win prizes. Members do not pay a competition entry fee whilst acquiring a handicap and cannot win a prize until determined by Committee.


1.12  Club Handicaps will be thoroughly reviewed in March annually when a decision will be made by the Handicap Review Committee as to whether an Initial WHS Handicap Index should be amended. Only when a WHS handicap is issued will a CDH unique number be assigned.


Eligibility to win prizes.

1.13  Committee has determined that a player to whom an Initial WHS Handicap Allocation has been made CANNOT win prizes in any competition until they have played in 3 Club single format competitions (summer or winter competitions on any of the England Golf rated courses i.e. White, Yellow or Red). WHS Rules of Handicapping Rule 7.1a provides a Handicap Committee the right to review the initial Qualifying Scores returned by all Member’s to whom a handicap has recently been allotted. If the Handicap Committee determines that an adjustment is required to a Member’s recently allotted handicap index, this must be administered in accordance with the provisions of rule 7.1a. – they do not pay an entry fee.


  • Terms of the competition shall stipulate any players that CANNOT win any prize or may be ineligible to participate in some competitions. It is the responsibility of individual members to check competition entry sheets for conditions of entry. Members wishing to submit a scorecard to acquire an initial handicap may enter a singles format competition (except Majors) for handicap purposes – they do not pay an entry fee. Only one such player per group. Such players MUST be in a 3-ball grouping.


Transferring players:

  • Players transferring from another Affiliated Club must produce a full playing history and /or CDH number on joining the club.  Any transferring player unable to provide such information will be required to play in three (3) Qualifying competitions before they may win any prize.

NB:  Supplementary Scores will NOT be considered as Qualifying competitions for this purpose.


Supplementary Scores: 

1.16     Any player intending to submit a Supplementary score MUST register that fact by Signing In prior to commencing the round using the HowDidIDo Mobile Score Input (MSI) or the PSI Terminal in the lounge.  On completion of the round the score must be entered into the Club V1 system using the MSI or PSI facilities and the card returned in the scorecard box.  Failure to return will lead to an investigation by handicap committee and could result in a penalty score being applied to the players handicap record (rules of handicapping 7.1b)



1.17   During the period 1st November 2020 to 31st December 2021 (inclusive), ALL competitors in official Club competitions are to play from the following Tee Marker positions unless directed otherwise by the Course Manager or Committee: - 

  • Men’s competitions WHITE tees                   Ladies’ competitions  RED tees
  • Senior competitions WHITE tees for Majors , YELLOW tees for Medals and other competitions
  • Junior competitions WHITE tees for Majors & Medals, YELLOW tees for other competitions


Outside of that period Committee will decide which tees are in use and highlight that fact on the Competition Signing In sheet, and within the Description on the Booking System.


Handicap allowances.

1.18  The WHS Rules of Handicapping require Handicap Allowances to be applied to the Course Handicap as the final step in calculating a Players Handicap (rules 6.1 and 6.2).  These vary dependent on the format being played.   Please see the Allowance chart in the Clubhouse corridor.


  •  Committee has determined that the following competitions will be classed as Major competitions (sometimes referred to as Honour Board competitions):   


Men’s Competitions: -                    

Spring Cup                            Bargyloo Decanter      Griffin Shield               Club Championship

Border Niblicks                     Stewards Cup                Autumn Bowl             Major Medal  

Singles Match Play


Ladies Competitions: -                   

Spring Trophy                       Bargyloo Trophy          Summer Bowl              Club Championship Committee Cup            Autumn Lady               Medal Final


Senior Competitions: -                   

Spring Cup                            Memorial Trophy        Chairman’s Trophy      Charity Trophy                      Autumn Bowl              Singles Match Play     


Junior Competitions: - (These will only be introduced once the Junior section is established to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee)

Committee Cup                    Marshall’s Trophy       Club Championship      Green Keepers Trophy                                

A player with a handicap, up to the limit of 54 is eligible to enter Club competitions. However, in Major competitions, whilst there will be stroke limits of 28 (Men) and 36 (Ladies) in determining the competition results and prize winners, their full handicap allocation is considered for updating their WHS Handicap Index


  •  Resolution of Ties:  Any tied scores in stroke play competitions will be decided on a card count back with the winner determined on the basis of the better inwards half, last six holes, last three holes and, if still tied, on the last two holes, then last hole.  The Club V1 handicapping software caters for this procedure. NOTE: In respect of Prize winning this only applies to determining an outright winner all other tied scores are shared equally amongst all players/team with the same score.


  • Any disputes that arise during a competition must be reported to a member of the Committee on the day of the competition. Committee will only address complaints if made verbally to a Committee member or in writing and will investigate and reach a decision. If the dispute is of a serious nature the Committee may suspend the announcement of the result until the dispute is resolved in accordance with the disciplinary guidelines.


  • Committee has determined that adults MUST NOT be accompanied by children during a competition, unless the child has officially entered the competition.


  • The Management/Committee decision on “Transportation” (i.e. use of “ride on buggies”) is that only when such use is essential on medical grounds will a member receive an exemption allowing them to use a “ride on buggy” during competition rounds. Any member seeking an exemption MUST satisfy the Management or Committee beforehand.


  • Distance measuring devices are allowed in competition providing they conform to R&A rule 4-3a. Only the person owning the equipment may use it – the device cannot be shared by playing partners.



2.0   Weekend competitions will be played on the dates listed in the Fixture list published in the Club Diary. Tee bookings may be made in the reserved tee slots using the online booking system (Howdidido) or using the PSI Touch Screen terminal in the Lounge. ALL Club competitions will “go live” at 6:0pm on a Sunday evening two weeks in advance of the competition date. The Club Competition Secretary will make a computerised random draw in respect of Men’s and Ladies competitions for playing partners and publish them in advance of the competition on the Howdidido website with a hard copy on the Competition Notice Board and a further copy in the Pro Shop.  Specific competitions may be identified whereby players may select their playing partners.

a)       Men’s weekend competitions will be drawn by 8:00pm each Thursday.

b)       Ladies competitions will be drawn 48 hours prior to the competition date.

c)       Senior section competitions will be drawn by 12noon each Saturday.


2.1   Any member allocated a tee time who then finds they cannot play MUST notify the Pro Shop staff no later than 12 noon on the day preceding the Competition date.  This will allow the appropriate Competition Secretary to contact any members on a Reserve List to maximise use of available tees. When a player calls the Pro shop to cancel, he/she will be issued a code number which will be recorded in the Pro shop.  This will be used as evidence of cancellation when the question of suspension may arise. See also rule 3.10 below


2.2   Players MAY NOT take part in a competition outside of the published competition tee times without the PRIOR AGREEMENT of the appropriate Competition Secretary. If Permission is granted, the player(s) may ONLY play within half an hour of the first or last of the reserved competition tees. Any breach WILL result in Disqualification.


2.3     The Men’s Club Championship will be played over two consecutive days to Strokeplay format with Gross and Nett category winners.  The Gross winner will be the recognised Club Champion.  The draw will, as best as possible, group players on Handicap Category basis within each zone.


2.4     The Ladies Club Championship will be played over 18 holes to Strokeplay format with Gross and Nett category winners.  The Nett winner will be the recognised Ladies Club Champion.  The draw will, as best as possible, group players on Handicap Category basis.


2.5      All Men’s Major competitions will be played to Strokeplay format.


2.6     Men’s Major Medal competition:  The top ten players (and ties) in each of the monthly Medal competitions, plus any player returning a score of level Par or better in any qualifying competition, will be eligible for this competition.


2.7     Club Masters competition: Those Men, Ladies or Senior members that finish in the first three places (and ties) in a Major or Medal competition become eligible to take part in this competition.  


2.8     Men’s Order of Merit:  Points will be awarded to players finishing in the top 10 in all singles format Weekend qualifying competitions up to and including the Major Medal.  The winner will be presented with the Trophy and a personal award to align with Major winners. 


2.9     Seniors Order of Merit:  Points will be awarded to players finishing in the top 10 in all singles qualifying competitions. The winner will be presented with the Trophy and a personal award to align with Major winners. 


2.10   Men’s Eclectic competition:  All monthly Medal and the Major Medal results will be included in determining the outright winner by using 60% of the players current course handicap for Yellow tees.


2.11  Men’s & Ladies Weekend competitions:

The Club Competition Secretary will oversee entries for the Men’s & Ladies weekend competitions and liaise regularly with the Ladies representatives.


2.12    Ladies Midweek Competitions:

These competitions will be played on the Tuesday or Thursday of each week in the reserved tees as listed in the Fixture list. The Ladies sub-committee will be responsible for drawing up the fixture list and eligibility etc, applying to those competitions. The Club Competition Secretary will be responsible for competition draws.


2.13    Senior section competitions:

These competitions will be played on the Monday of each week in the reserved tees except when the Monday is a Bank Holiday whereupon the competition will be played on the Tuesday of that week.  The Seniors sub-committee will be responsible for drawing up the fixture list and eligibility etc, applying to those competitions. The Seniors Competitions Secretary will be responsible for competition draws.


2.14   Junior competitions:  (These will only be introduced once the Junior section is established to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee).

Tee bookings may be made in the reserved tee slots via the online booking system two weeks in advance of the competition date. The Junior Organiser is responsible for all Junior competitions and will liaise regularly with the Club Competition Secretary who will finalise the tee allocation sheet and publish the draw one week ahead of the competition and may vary tee allocations within a 20-minute period.  Junior Major competitions will be played to Strokeplay format.  All Junior competition scorecards MUST be input into the PSI terminal and returned for Club Handicap Secretary’s attention.


2.15   Knock-out competitions: -

A computerised draw of all entrants will be made, recorded and published. WHS Playing Handicap allowances will apply i.e.; Full differential in Single and 90% allowance in Pairs competitions.  Competition will be played from the White tees (Men) and Red tees (Ladies).  Players may only enter these competitions if they hold a Competition (C) handicap.


Players MUST complete their matches by the deadline date for each round.  Once the draw has been made then the players concerned MUST make contact as soon as possible to arrange the match and will be equally responsible for taking steps to do so within the allotted period.  Failure to do so may result in Disqualification of all players.  Any players having difficulty in completing a match MUST inform the appropriate Competition Secretary at least two weeks before the deadline date.


2.16   Summer & Winter League competitions:-  The rules specific to these competitions are published on the foyer notice board and will be administered by the Club Competition Secretary. They will be played on the designated weekday over the EGU approved 9-hole course.  Players must use the 9-hole scorecard. (Note: This has a separate Stroke Index to the full 18-hole card).  Players MUST follow the WHS Rules of Handicapping and input their scores using the PSI terminal in the Lounge immediately after completion of their round on the day.


2.17  18-hole “Roll Up” Stableford competitions:  These competitions will be played each Friday to Stableford format over the Yellow or Red Course during the Summer season to provide members with an opportunity to play in a competition.


2.18   Juniors in Adult competitions: -  

Only if the Adult competition falls on a date different to the listed Junior competition may Junior members be considered to play in Adult competitions (except Medals and Majors). Exception (2): Female juniors may play in and win an EWGA Medal competition as advised by the LUGC. Junior members MUST play regularly in Junior competitions before being considered to play in Adult competitions. Eligible Junior members may ONLY play if a tee slot becomes vacant ON THE DAY OF COMPETITION Decision of the Club Competition Secretary is final.


2.19  In the event that the Club Competition Secretary approves a Junior playing in an Adult competition (other than Men’s/Ladies Major competitions), then only one junior member may play in a tee slot allocation. Juniors cannot play together, and an adult must mark their card.  If playing in a team event containing relative(s) or guardian(s) then there must be a non-related member in the team who marks the scorecard.


(A): -  Junior members with a Playing Handicap of 9 or less may be considered to play in Adult competitions and on payment of the full entry fee may win prizes providing they meet the conditions listed in rules 1-1 and 1-2 above.

(B): -  Junior members with a Playing handicap of 10 to 18 inclusive may be considered to play in Adult competitions for handicapping purposes only. They cannot win any category of prize including Nearest Pin and Two’s.


2.20    Only Juniors able to meet the following criteria will be considered; -

  1. Fulfilled the requirement of rule 1-1 and 1-2
  2. Played in the junior section competition the week immediately preceding the adult competition.
  3. Satisfy the handicap criteria in 2.19
  4. Junior cards MUST be marked and signed by an Adult member holding an Active CONGU handicap. a WHS fully developed handicap.

Failure to comply with condition (b) will result in DISQUALIFICATION from the adult competition.


2.21   Abandoned competition: In the event of any competition that has started having to be abandoned, the result will stand provided a minimum of 50% of appropriately completed scorecards (i.e. all 18 holes), have been returned to the Committee.


2.22   Cancelled competition(s): Should the Management or Committee consider the course condition to be unfit for the appropriate competition that is fair and equitable to all categories of player, the competition may be cancelled. Such decision will be made by at least two Committee members or one Committee member in conjunction with the Green Keeping staff on duty.  In such an event the Pro shop (or appropriate sub-committee) may decide to run an alternative “sweepstake” competition. Players must pay the appropriate entry fee before commencing play.  If the course is deemed “unfit for competition” it will apply to all competitions scheduled for that day. Once an entry fee is paid into the Pro shop it is non-returnable by the staff.  


2.23   Ancillary competitions (Two’s or Nearest Pin): Committee/sub-committee’s may introduce an Optional Two’s or Nearest Pin competition ancillary to the main competition.

  1. a)    Entrants competitions MUST pay the appropriate Optional fee BEFORE starting their round and endorse the signing in sheet accordingly. Prizes are equally shared between those players recording a Two or Nearest the Pin in such a competition.                                              
  2.       b)  Seniors competitions operate a weekly “Spot prize” included in the competition entry fee.


These competitions are administered by the Committee. Unless otherwise stated, entry into a Two’s or Nearest the Pin competition is NOT included in any competition entry fees.  Any member who wishes to enter a Two’s or Nearest the Pin Competition must do so BEFORE starting their round and pay the Optional fee.  Only All players, including those playing for a handicap,  with a WHS Playing handicap are eligible to take part in these competitions and win prizes. Prizes are shared between those players recording a Two or Nearest the Pin in a competition.  


  • Having taken advice from the R & A, the Committee has determined that should a player achieve a hole in one on a hole designated as the Nearest the Pin hole in competition, it shall be classed as “Nearest the Pin”, within the confines of the green. Committee has determined that a player having entered the Two’s competition who records a Hole in One will receive two portions of the shared prize money.


  •  Any member who, having entered a competition of any format, fails to register and play in that competition and fails to personally notify the Pro shop of their withdrawal from the competition no later than 12 noon on the day preceding the Competition date will be subject to receive an Automatic Suspension unless there are exceptional circumstances.


2.26     Members entering the Zone groups in club competitions who are allocated a tee in the draw and then decide to withdraw because they consider the tee slot to be unsuitable, will be closely 

monitored. Those members who withdraw from a competition having been allocated a tee and then book a social tee slot to play before or after a competition, are considered as being discourteous to other members that might have entered those draw groups as well as causing administrative difficulties for Competition Secretaries.  Any member who consistently withdraws from competitions in this manner will be considered for a period of suspension by the appropriate Committee/sub-committee (see rule 3.10 Below)


2.27    Any player that attends the Pro shop for a Pairs or Team competition and then decides not to play leaving his nominated partner(s) without a playing partner WILL be subject to automatic suspension.


2.28   Any player leaving the course during a round of golf without good reason will be considered as having Failed to Hole Out (Rule of Golf 3-3c) and will be Disqualified.  If a player is found to persistently breach this rule a period of Suspension will be considered.


  •   Cancellation from competition:                                                                                       Automatic Suspension (RED Card) means suspension from ALL competitions regardless of which Competition Secretary imposed the suspension for the period specified as follows: -

1st occasion; -      10 days (commencing on the 2nd Friday after the competition date – all dates inclusive)

2nd occasion; -     17 days (commencing on the 2nd Friday after the competition date – all dates inclusive)

3rd occasion; -      24 days (commencing on the 2nd Friday after the competition date – all dates inclusive)

The period of suspension will be determined by the appropriate Competition Secretary who will, in addition to publication on the notice board and appropriate entry sheet, notify the player concerned.


Any player found in breach of this rule on three (3) occasions will be required to provide written explanation to the Committee who will then consider whether further action is necessary.


In exceptional circumstances a Competition Secretary may decide to impose a YELLOW card, warning a player that their future attendance for competitions is being monitored for a four-week period from the specified date.  Any further breach within that period will result in an Automatic Suspension (RED card).

NOTE; Suspension from Competition does not prevent members playing social golf on the course as part of their membership.


2.30    Pairs competitions: If one player withdraws from or fails to attend for a competition, then the remaining player will select a ghost playing partner from the other pair before starting the round, enter the name of the ghost on his/her scorecard and record both scores in the usual manner.  If the scores of both pairs finish in the prize-winning places, then the ghost player will only receive one prize, namely that awarded to the drawn pair. The ghost pair will always be second priority. If a full pairing fails to attend for a competition and the remaining pair cannot be allocated a marker they will be withdrawn from the competition.  The pair that failed to attend for the competition will receive an Automatic Suspension as detailed in rule 3.10 above.


 2.31   Texas Scramble competitions: 

If a player withdraws from or fails to attend for a 4-man competition, then the handicap of the missing player should be used to calculate the overall allowance for the team. E.g. Missing player has a handicap between 0 and 9 then the appropriate percentage allowance (e.g. 6 handicap = 0.6 of a stroke) shall be used whereas when the missing player has a handicap between 10 and 28 the team will receive a maximum of 1 stroke. The team do not receive extra shots.


Example One: In a 4-man team Player A’s handicap is 10, Player B’s handicap 15, Player C’s handicap 19 and the “missing player” handicap 6.  The total handicap for A, B & C amounts to 44, with a 10% allowance equating to 4.4   An additional 0.6 of a stroke is added for the “missing player” making a team allowance of 5.0    Example Two:  In a 4-man team Player A’s handicap is 10, Player B’s handicap 15, Player C’s handicap 19 and the “missing player” handicap 18.  The total handicap for A, B & C amounts to 44, with a 10% allowance equating to 4.4   An additional 1 stroke is added for the “missing player” making a team allowance of 5.4


If only 3 players are shown on the draw sheet in a 4-man slot without any withdrawal, an additional maximum 1 stroke is added to the team allowance. The team do not receive extra shots. The handicap allowances will be 25%, 20%, 15% from the lowest to highest handicap.


If only 2 players are shown on the draw sheet in a 4-man slot without any withdrawals, an additional maximum 1 stroke per missing player (i.e. total strokes), is added to the team allowance.  The team do not receive extra shots. The handicap allowances are 35% low and 15% high handicappers.


  1. When a 4-man team starts a competition and a member has to leave the course mid-competition, the score of that team will count. No additional allowance for the player leaving the team and in the event of the remaining three players not able to record the three (3) drives minimum, disqualification will apply.
  2. In 3-man teams there must be a minimum of three (3) drives per player with a maximum of eight (8) drives for any one player.
  3. In 4-man teams there must be a minimum of three (3) drives per player with a maximum of six (6) drives for any one player.
  4. Only those players taking part in the competition will receive a prize; in the event of the winning team consisting of two or three players they will NOT receive any part of the prize for the missing player(s). No courtesy shots.



3.0   All scores MUST be entered into the Player Score Input (PSI terminal) in the Lounge or via HowDidIdo Mobile Score Input (MSI), immediately after completion of their round on the day.


A player MUST input their PERSONAL SCORE ONLY (or the score of their OWN SIDE ONLY in a team competition), into the PSI terminal before placing their completed scorecard in the box. This input is MANDATORY to ensure the timely update of WHS handicap Index and efficient production and communication of competition results. Failure to comply with this input requirement may result in a period of suspension as detailed in Rule 2.29 above.


3.1    All fully completed scorecards MUST be placed in the scorecard box immediately after completion of the round of golf on the day of the competition. Scorecards returned after this time will not be counted and the player DISQUALIFIED. Any member who fails to submit scorecards as required by R&A Rule 3-3b (2) in any Club competition, will be DISQUALIFIED. Should he/she consistently fail to submit cards on three occasions or more, a period of suspension will be imposed as detailed in rule 3.10 above.


3.2    The Committee require members to fully complete scorecards in a legible manner and signed by both the player and marker. Scorecards that are illegible or not completed correctly in accordance with Rule of Golf 3-3b will not be accepted and will result in DISQUALIFICATION.


3.3    In team competitions scorecards MUST be returned with two signatures namely that of the player marking the card and that of the team member that has confirmed the scores.  Failure to submit cards with the required two signatures will result in DISQUALIFICATION.


3.4    In Knock Out competitions the scorecard MUST be submitted at the end of the match by the winning team, clearly indicating the result of the match, signed by both players in a Singles match, and one player from each side in a Pairs match. 


3.5     The Handicap Secretary will continually monitor the number of No Returns individuals make as these affect the calculation their handicap Index. In the event of a player submitting multiple No Returns in a single round the Handicap Committee may impose a penalty score.


3.6    Return of Away Scores:  Members MUST return details (preferably scorecards or a screen shot of the card) of all competition and pre-registered social rounds played at an Away course, to their Home club within seven (7) days of the event.



4.0     Team Managers for the Inter Club competitions are appointed by, and will report regularly to, the Club Committee and have the final decision as regards team selection. The minimum age for eligibility for the Seniors League team is 55 years on the 1st January of each calendar year.


4.1    Members will only be eligible for selection to represent the club in any Inter Club matches if they return scorecards for handicapping purposes on a regular basis in the respective section competitions.  


4.2     Members who have NOT nominated Mersey Valley G&CC as their Home club may be eligible for selection in representative matches except for matches against the club that holds their handicap.  In the event of such a match taking place the player will NOT be eligible for selection.



5.0     The game of golf relies on the integrity of each individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf.


If players follow the R&A guidelines relating to Standards of Player Conduct (Rule 1.2) it will make the game more enjoyable for everyone. If a player consistently disregards the guidelines during a round or over a period of time to the detriment of others, Committee will consider taking appropriate disciplinary action against the offending player.


5.1     A key element of good Player Conduct is maintaining a good Pace of Play.  Each group must make every effort to maintain a Pace of Play as marked around the course based on R&A Guidelines. If any group loses ground on the group in front, they MUST allow the following group opportunity to play through. The Committee and Marshals will monitor the speed of play during competitions. If a group loses contact with the game in front it will be asked to either catch up or let the game behind through. Management has stipulated that any group of players on the course must not exceed four in number.


5.2     If the Committee believe that an individual or group of individuals is guilty of unreasonably delaying play it may impose the requisite penalty - Rule 5.6a Rules of Golf.


5.2    An official Starter will be employed for weekend competitions and any other competitions as thought appropriate.  He will advise players of the Local Rules of the day and record any non- appearances, late arrivals etc, for the information of Committee which will be acted upon as appropriate.  Any player arriving late for his/her appointed tee time will be advised of any penalty to be imposed by the Starter.  He is the representative of the Committee when fulfilling such duties and must be treated with courtesy and respect.


5.4      Members are reminded that the Rules of Golf have been amended allowing Committee to impose penalties for serious breaches of the Code of Conduct including disqualification for serious misconduct in failing to meet the Codes standards. Rule 1-2b Rules of Golf.


5.5     Discipline Inquiries

Members will, on occasions, be asked to attend the Club Committee or a designated sub-committee, to assist in a disciplinary inquiry.  Failure to accede to any reasonable request will result in suspension from Club Competitions until such time as they accede to the Committee request. (Club Rule 9-y refers)



The Committee reserve the right to amend these Competition Rules

as and when considered necessary.



26 October 2020